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Hot girls tease and deny you

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There are some slaves that have to be taken to task and Princess Danielle is the woman to do it. She knows that her slaves will do what she wants them to do but sometimes she wants to assert her power. She teases them with a video of her dressed for riding in her brand new black riding boots. She loves teasing them with a the curve of her ass and hips. She then punishes them because their dicks aren't hard enough.

Helga is a woman that knows what she wants. She wants to mesmerize her slave with her jeans covered ass. She shows them her ass as she slips the jeans over her pink thong. She loves posing and poking her ass out. She wants them to imagine their hands on her ass and pulling them near. She loves her slaves and wants to give them a treat for their good behavior.

Giantess Katelyn is a woman that knows what she wants and she will get it at all costs. She tells her slave what she wants him to do. As soon as she decides what she wants them to do, she uses her sexy husky voice to lure them into her web of seduction. She shows them her big tits and nipples so they know why they should obey her. They look forward to the possibility of fucking her one day.

Your girlfriend lays on the couch watching tv in the lingerie that you bought for her. She looks you in the eyes and admits that shes been fucking your best friend. She tells you that you can continue to pay for her life style, or let her go. Basically, she wants to humiliate you and treat you like trash because you never deserved her anyways. What will you do? Will you let her use you, or let her go?

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