Tease & Denial Clips

Hot girls tease and deny you

All articles in archive 11/2010

Mistress Katja is showing off her sexy tight jeans ass to you. She moves very slow and erotically in front of you as she walks up the stairs. Then she notices you staring at her perfect jeans ass and talks to you. She smiles and notices that you have become a bit horny...

This clip is a rarely new experience! Mistress Tierra is showing off her sexy big tits in this clip. She squeezes them and while she opens up her blue easy cardigan there are always flashing colored graphics in the background that will effect on you by turning you on! This clip is a real tease.

Mistress Dangerous Temptation strips for you to make you become more addicted! She wants to tease you just to easier be able raping your wallet! She makes you look at her marvelous body while she moves in front of the camera in slow motion. She takes off each of her clothes and drives you crazy and then...

Knows how much you love and adore her sexy ass in your face. She turns around and moves it really slow. She wears a nice black string which leads your eyes right between her sexy cheeks. She smiles to you and gives you the feeling of not being a total loser! But then she begins to laugh: "You didn't thought that I was showing a loser like you something that is meant to be shown to real guys, did you?"

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