Tease & Denial Clips

Hot girls tease and deny you

All articles in archive 11/2011

Raquel shows off her body once again in this clip. She fondles with her belly button as if it were her wet clit she was toying with. Her white bathing suit looks delicious on her and you are easily taken by her tease and denial. Her sexy ass moves with erotic fluidity as she smiles right in your face while she is plotting to take total control over you.

How can you say no to this vixen? She gives you a seductive lap dance as your cock gets hard and your mouth starts to water from her sexy ass. Tank top is taken off then her bra. You can hear the titties breathe a sigh of relief as they are released from their constraints. Her perfect ass wiggles in her pink thongs right in front of you, go ahead and touch.

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