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Mistress Dolores needed to dominate and punish this guy because she felt that he was a handful. But today the mistress felt that the best way to do it today was to use her hot ass to tease and deny him, which is what she ended up doing to the guy. He cried and wished that she would let him smash but she did not and instead she left him high and dry.

Mistress Dolores needed to find a way to deal with this guy and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. The mistress chose to torture the guy and to tease and deny him. It was all for fun and she did it without thinking twice about it. The mistress felt that the best way to handle the guy was to do some crazy things on him and that is exactly what she did.

Mistress Dolores is a big user of tease and denial. She wanted to use it again today and she did when it came to the use of it to get guys to do what she wanted or to humiliate them. That is why today she agreed to help her friend to learn how to do it and then she could also use it to have her own fun and make them do things her way.

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