Tease & Denial Clips

Hot girls tease and deny you

Goddess Katrina felt naughty today and while she was in the office, she teased her boss but did it in a subtle manner so that when he got turned on or he made a move, she would act surprised and pretend she did not know what he was talking about. She did so with her gestures and with the way she was dressed as well as the way she sat. And when he tried to make a move, she denied him.

This mistress loves to cause havoc and she did so today at a family meeting when she messed with her cousin for fun. She did not want to fuck him but she made him think that she wanted to. She teased him and when he took it serious and got turned on, she denied him and she told him she was joking. She laughed at him for taking it serious.

Goddess Katrina loves to use her naughtiness and her sexiness to get most of the things she has. She needed a job and when she got to the interviews, she did not hesitate to use her tease and denial to get herself the job. She could tell the boss was into her and she capitalized on it to tease him but she denied him so as to maintain the power balance.

Goddess Nika was flattered when this girl approached her and told her how freaking amazing she looked and how she wanted to have sex with her. She pretended to consider it and when they went back to her house, all she did was tease the girl and deny her as she was not bisexual and she was not lesbian. But it was fun seeing what effect she had on the girl.

Mistress Saida knew this guy loved having a girl on top of him and she knew he had a crush on her. But she did not feel the same way and she avoided him most of the time. But today she had time on her hands and she used it to humiliate him for her own fun. The mistress demonstrated her riding prowess and she also teased and denied him.

Goddess Katrina did not like how her husband's friend tried to hit on her. She felt he was not a good friend to her husband if he could think of and go ahead to do that. But she did not want to come between their friendship so she teased him and denied him to let him know that she was not interested in him. It was humiliating and he never tried to hit on her again.

Many people know about tease and denial but not everyone is good at it even those who do it. That is why mistress Gaia chose to try it out today. It worked out the way she wanted it to and that was because she has a huge platform and a lot of people with a fetish in it look up to her. The mistress showed them how it is done.

Mistress Zoe loves to try things that she has never done and today she tried a different way of tease and denial. The mistress had teased and denied before but she wanted to do it differently this time by making this guy pay her for what she did to him. The mistress teased and denied the guy and told him that he had to pay her for the time and effort spent on teasing and denying him.

Lady Scarlet knew her cousin wanted her. She had tried to show him that she was not interested and that he had to stop his nonsense so she did what she could to make him learn that she did not want him. So she teased him and got him all excited but instead of having fun with him, the mistress denied him and she laughed at him then chased him away.

Mistress Saida wanted to dominate this guy and she did it with her big tits and her sexy ass. Her naughtiness also came in handy as she used it to torture the guy. Her torture was simple as she only teased and denied him and did nothing else to him. She took him to the clouds and before he could climax, she denied him and brought him down to earth with a thud.

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