Tease & Denial Clips

Hot girls tease and deny you

Mistress Zoe loves to try things that she has never done and today she tried a different way of tease and denial. The mistress had teased and denied before but she wanted to do it differently this time by making this guy pay her for what she did to him. The mistress teased and denied the guy and told him that he had to pay her for the time and effort spent on teasing and denying him.

Lady Scarlet knew her cousin wanted her. She had tried to show him that she was not interested and that he had to stop his nonsense so she did what she could to make him learn that she did not want him. So she teased him and got him all excited but instead of having fun with him, the mistress denied him and she laughed at him then chased him away.

Mistress Saida wanted to dominate this guy and she did it with her big tits and her sexy ass. Her naughtiness also came in handy as she used it to torture the guy. Her torture was simple as she only teased and denied him and did nothing else to him. She took him to the clouds and before he could climax, she denied him and brought him down to earth with a thud.

Goddess Katrina was of the opinion that she needed to do things to make sure this loser learned his lesson. It was not a painful lesson but she wanted him to be humiliated. He thought she was into him but she was not and she wanted him to be humiliated. So she teased him with her sexy body and she then denied him when he was super turned on and wanted to nail her.

Mistress Nina loves her ass. It had turned a lot of men wild and she was not about to stop any time soon. She was interested in teasing and denying today and that is what she used to achieve her objectives. The mistress did not hesitate to humiliate this loser by teasing with her hot ass and as soon as he was turned on and wanted her, denying her by leaving him high and dry.

Mistress Fiona was interested in dominating this guy and she did it with her tease and deny fetish. The mistress had the guy wear a cock lock and then she went ahead to pretend that she wanted to suck his dick and to give him a hand job as well. But it did not work out that way as she could not get access to his dick with it being caged.

Mistress Roxanne is blessed with a hot ass and she knows it. Her colleague had a crush on her and was infatuated with her. When she wanted to try tease and denial, she knew he was the right person to do it with and it was now time for her to find a way to dominate him and have fun at his expense. She enjoyed teasing him and finally she denied him and he felt like crying.

Mistress Marta is a shy person and she knows it. But she was determined to try and drop the tag of shyness and especially the one of being uptight. She wanted to be the kind of person who could do anything at anytime and have fun doing it. And to test whether she was ready for such, she chose to try tease and denial and she did it on a classmate.

This mistress loves to have her way all the time and today was one of those day she did it in a naughty manner. She had this guy watch as she masturbated. She did it to turn him on and to control him. To want him to want her and that is what happened. And she used that power she had over him to get what she wanted from him.

This mistress wanted to tease and deny this loser and she did it with her hot ass. She wanted to make sure he learned that he could not always have his way and that he was not as hot and as desirable as he thought. So she used her sexy butt to tease him and she made him want her badly. But she denied him and left him high and dry.

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